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The promoter-directors are Rahul Srivastava and Ritu Srivastava. The duo started the company in 2003 from jaipur and succefully emerged as the synonym of authenticity, passion & knowledge. It is not that they come from any other back ground than EDUCATION itself.

Mr. Rahul Srivastava since his formative years has been voracious reader of text beyond any limitations and his innate tendency of being inquisitive has been egging him on to delve deeper into knowing more and more in exploring all about the subject. The more he knows the more he feels incomplete. This transcended on to establishing himself as synonym of information beneficial for students/ clients. He has justified his profession by earning authenticity in the eye of media, both in print & electronic being regular writer of articles on array of topics and dispelling all myths of Radio listeners/ TV spectators for them. All work related to visa, marketing, planning & corporate tie-up are monitored by him.

Mrs. Ritu Srivastava, a top class post graduate was a scholar since beginning. As Director, she manages the day-to-day functioning of the organization nationally. On the basis of her well developed brain with enormous capacity of retaining things she herself heads councelling department for course contents, modules, admission availability, visa document preparation & policies information.

On the basis of their innate interpersonal skills and years long experience they are successfully operating from 6 different locations in India.

Mrs. Vatsla Srivastava, A top class post graduate in Management & Literature having served corporate for many years at senior management level is responsible for training & operations. This enviable combination of professional at controlling level guarantees our clients of impeccable services. Having removed all complexities in their grooming by virtue of their respective past vast work experience for years the team directors is now is all set to achieve newer standards of excellence, commitment on top of all SATISFACTION among our unbridled & ever expanding client base. Unremitting efforts to upgrade the quality professional time bound authentic services -core objective is being done by infusing latest IT support and quality professional at all levels.

The company JLN Overseas Consultants Pvt. Ltd. is registered in Jaipur, India.

”Only those who have habit of doing simple things perfectly acquire the skill to do difficult things easily!”


Our counsellors are the perfect blend & outcome of qualification, training & aptitude. They the thoroughly sensitive in understanding you professional in their approach having impressive communication skills are moulded into such frame that they understand untold to deliver you the best possible option taking into account your academic, family, social, financial and other grounds.

“If there is any way we’ll find one; If there is no way we’ll create one !”


With support of latest softwares our technically qualified experienced staff ensure flawless proceedings of your applications, their records, documents, status, requirements, discussions, outcome, availability of crucial material, correspondence, co-ordination and many such tasks under strict supervision thereby making a well disciplined environment conducive for a fruitful, unhindered working & time bound results.

“An Investment in knowledge pays the best dividends!”