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JLN Overseas Consultants (P) Ltd. has carved a niche in overseas education and study abroad consultancy services in North India during last 11 years which is culmination of our hard work. Ever since its inception there has been continuous infusion of professionals, Knowledge, Technology, IT solutions, Soft wares and up-gradation of working styles to touch its highest vertex of output.

Since we strongly believe in following theories:

1. “No business can thrive without a team of genuine, honest, hard working, well informed, sincere, disciplined, focussed, passionate, target oriented professionals with grit will to succeed are ready to do unremitting efforts to touch pinnacle of success.”

2. “Each business has limitations of infusing inputs to generate limited OUTPUT only; this is called saturation point.”

3. “Until operations are decentralised and until strong & stable bases of any regime/ business is created on different vital locations are created limited pillars cannot carry weight of the wide spread business.”

4. “An individual’s growth lies in entire group’s growth; only a foolish can afford seeing reverie of getting success on his own.”

5. “The wider is the base the higher is the altitude of any structure.”

Now has come a stage where we want some more like minded genuine people to join us “the bandwagon” as our regional office to enjoy association of a well-established company and enjoy independence being a branch office in whichever city across India or South Asia you are based at since we are in the process of widening our operations beyond any territory. We are in constant search for people who have the qualities described above to be a part of our vision to share success, wealth, security, identity and what not.

If you think you have temperament to be mentor, zeal to register success doing absolute white-colour job fetching respect, honour from society, exemplary life style in addition to good money we appreciate your first step by filling basic personal detail form for us to suggest you what role can you be assigned based on your input to its best. After verification check of your inputs you will be given access to our detailed terms & conditions agreement language for your perusal by our operations department for signing papers. Our motto is not to appoint franchisee/ franchise but establishing such a business model that serve multipronged purpose; on one hand offering foreign universities a wide base by doing tie ups  with local associates to create opportunity to start working for foreign universities & institutions  in addition to migration in their respective territories. Any business opportunity relating to cross border overseas/ abroad / foreign has not only been vital since cultural inception but is lucrative for developed, developing or under-develop world’s economies even today.  In addition to description we’d like to elicit your attention towards this sacrosanct business. You ought to have a teacher/ a mentor/ a guide in you to be reckoned  as a “Consultant” who has social, ethical responsibility to launch himself only after thorough study with passion to continuously delve deeper .