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Education Loan Assistance

But for education loan facility offered by different banks from Public sector to private, from co-operative to rural payment of tuition fee and liquidity for other daily expenditure studying abroad would have been limited to barely 10-15% of present migration. We have observed almost 80-85% students, no matter which walk of life they belong to, take education loan. Our role in this important phase starts from identifying your case and matching with a bank’s requirement suitable to your case, Informing you of their interest rate, repayment condition etc, getting all complete initial information from you to be passed on to our banks we are knotted with.

Bankers have their own regulations in place meant to apply before sanctioning loan out of them some requirements like detail information about accreditation, education system, authenticity, legal standing etc about a university are provided by us. Many a times a banker found not well informed of policies of country thus tends to stall the process. Here comes our role. Our experts steer their way to make them upgrade their knowledge about the system and facilitate the loan sanctioning process. Sometimes an applicant gets in touch with us long before a session starts (a year or two) we then guide them to consolidate their papers and show genuine standing.